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What does a learning curve look like?

Tonight I crashed my new website.

It was only up and running for 10 hours before I installed a plug-in and now the whole lot has gone down the plug hole, so to speak.

It is a shame, because I was about to proudly post a link to the site to prove that I am indeed learning some new skills. I was going to tell you that I had purchased and registered a domain, installed and edited a theme, exercised a few ‘html’ skills. You were going to read about my adventures in appreciation of places and projects in Bedfordshire and be impressed that I am finally getting to know and love the county in which I have been living for nearly half of my life. I was going to reflect – with evidence on the progress I had been making in the art of blogging! Perhaps tell you a little about the WordPress Writers Workshop that has been keeping me up all hours over the past two weeks.

Yes, I know that it will all be retrievable (it had better be!). Someone, somewhere knows how to unravel the mess I have made and set me back on the right path again.

And yes, I know that engaging in two weeks of the workshop has taken me a few steps forward even though it seems that I can’t keep up the momentum and continue through to the end.

It doesn’t matter does it?

It is all part of the learning curve that is my life at the moment. I find myself asking “just what does a learning curve look like?” and I have decided – a graph just won’t do it justice. Not a linear one anyway, nor one that I am even going to attempt to draw lest my graphics skills fail me. My learning curve is jagged, unpredictable, multi-layered, dynamic and colourful and all it requires of me is to continue to be child-like and to keep on moving with energy and enthusiasm.

Let me finish with something that I have learned about these last couple of weeks. I found a previously neglected setting on my camera. I have enjoyed taking some pictures and I will share a few with you here:

P1010734 P1010738 P1010775 P1010776P1010769P1010720