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What does a learning curve look like?


Tonight I crashed my new website.

It was only up and running for 10 hours before I installed a plug-in and now the whole lot has gone down the plug hole, so to speak.

It is a shame, because I was about to proudly post a link to the site to prove that I am indeed learning some new skills. I was going to tell you that I had purchased and registered a domain, installed and edited a theme, exercised a few ‘html’ skills. You were going to read about my adventures in appreciation of places and projects in Bedfordshire and be impressed that I am finally getting to know and love the county in which I have been living for nearly half of my life. I was going to reflect – with evidence on the progress I had been making in the art of blogging! Perhaps tell you a little about the WordPress Writers Workshop that has been keeping me up all hours over the past two weeks.

Yes, I know that it will all be retrievable (it had better be!). Someone, somewhere knows how to unravel the mess I have made and set me back on the right path again.

And yes, I know that engaging in two weeks of the workshop has taken me a few steps forward even though it seems that I can’t keep up the momentum and continue through to the end.

It doesn’t matter does it?

It is all part of the learning curve that is my life at the moment. I find myself asking “just what does a learning curve look like?” and I have decided – a graph just won’t do it justice. Not a linear one anyway, nor one that I am even going to attempt to draw lest my graphics skills fail me. My learning curve is jagged, unpredictable, multi-layered, dynamic and colourful and all it requires of me is to continue to be child-like and to keep on moving with energy and enthusiasm.

Let me finish with something that I have learned about these last couple of weeks. I found a previously neglected setting on my camera. I have enjoyed taking some pictures and I will share a few with you here:

P1010734 P1010738 P1010775 P1010776P1010769P1010720


Author: HelenSaying

Dipped a toe in social media - now learning to swim. Otherwise engaged in mid life career change, but this is no crisis. Views all my own and of the moment.

8 thoughts on “What does a learning curve look like?

  1. Lovely photos Helen – a perfect reminder of the wonderful summer we’re having. Thank you for sharing. Nicky


  2. I love the picture of the clouds – and the one with the bee legs just flying into shot well and the one with the bee on the flowers! If you uninstall the plug in that broke the website does that fix it? If not, let me know and let’s see if we can get it fixed 🙂


    • Hi Hannie
      Thank you for your kind comments. Funny I thought the shot with the bees legs was a failed picture to start with , but then I decided I liked it as it was. I am fixed now …. it needed some files picking out through FTP access, It was uninstalling (or trying to ) an unwanted plug in that caused the problem in the first place. Now suitably more wary of playing with plug ins.


  3. A teacher will tell you that when you FAIL it is in fact a First Attempt In Learning. The learning curve continues upward even when you feel you have crashed. The final product is like the goal scored in a game. We cheer when the goal is made while recognizing all the other skills that led up to it. Sometimes you can have a good game with no score to show for it.


    • That is all very neatly put Ros. The learning curve doesn’t go anywhere if we give up when we fail. So as I have said to myself many times in the last weeks. I am not giving up yet. I am actually quite amused at the situation….if a little cross because I have lost an evening in which I had some other things to be learning.


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