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On Saturday, a beautifully crafted personal invitation came through the post.  It was clear from the moment the assortment of envelopes and flyers landed on the mat that this was the only one that had any chance of bringing pleasure.   The envelope was hand written with an actual royal mail stamp on it!

It is great to get a wedding invitation, and I immediately referenced back to a conversation earlier in the week about helping with printing envelopes to send off for a friend whose daughter is to be married this year. I thought how lovely it would be if I could offer to hand write all of these rather than get them printed.  It is the kind of thought that might have gone by without any further action, but it wasn’t long before I read the day’s challenge to “pick someone to bless today, and enjoy the freedom to create or fix something that’ll make them smile.”

And so that is what I shall be doing and I will enjoy getting my best hand writing out again for the occasion.  It won’t quite be calligraphy…I once did a course in that and remember spending several hours on perfecting just one word….but hopefully it will help to raise a smile or two.


Author: HelenSaying

Dipped a toe in social media - now learning to swim. Otherwise engaged in mid life career change, but this is no crisis. Views all my own and of the moment.

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