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Asked to examine what was feeding into my head today from social media, news stories and the like, and to react a little more thoughtfully and prayerfully than usual, this is what I found:

(with thanks at various points throughout the day to Radio 4, The World Service, Facebook friends, Beds on Sunday and my Whatsapp? communicators)

 “Need wisdom in priorities and just getting through”

Disaster cyclone Pam damaged houses..torn down trees… lives extinguished .. needs, needs, needs | Polititians second job please, Mr Shapps get on your knees – openness, accountability, integrity, honesty | Business rates, a radical review, local services paid for , business in a stew |  Gays against gays, children of chemistry, Hostile environment .. the perfect storm | Red kite comeback vote now please | Teenage terrorists planned to cross the border Parents must be vigilent .. call for law and order |

“Back to Addenbrookes this morning”

That’s a shock for a Monday |Happy 4th Birthday to Roxy| Caths new designs | I have lost contact with Michael, says cryptic Jim | Waitrose taste of Israel insults Palestine|

“Perhaps better off in hospital for a few days?”

Historical abuse, suppressed evidence | how does it feel to be a Christian in Pakistan? |

“So sorry for any disturbance on Saturday”

Neurofoundation Snowdon Marathon | Ministry of transport gives creditation in Liberia | Joe and Stefs products purchased 9 months after sell by | Ampthill Country Market – you can’t go wrong| Handed in my notice today | sponsor me to Brighton |Fire raging through industrial park |The Jenin Freedom theatre  in the UK this Summer | Very excited I can track them all the way |

I’m shattered.  I need a holiday

The teen who cannot stay awake | the lollipop man banned from high-fives | Shut Down Yarl’s Wood | Councillors resign | Everyone invited to the Polish Festival | Psychic Philip knows you are coming to his show

Congratulations to Phyllis and Edward Dolan, together for seven decades.

If you recognise yourself in here, then today, you and the situation you highlighted have received – at least – my thoughts and prayers.  Sleep well all.


Author: HelenSaying

Dipped a toe in social media - now learning to swim. Otherwise engaged in mid life career change, but this is no crisis. Views all my own and of the moment.

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