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The setting sun

We passed through ‘volunteers week’ about which I had much to say, and then into ‘carers week’; but I was too busy caring and volunteering and doing the things that fill life, to hold on to my thoughts and put them into presentable format.  I have wanted to post so many times of late, but frustratingly, the opportunity has not been there and the captured thoughts have escaped.  So instead, I am sharing a few words, hastily put together, from the weekend – I hope it is not too obscure!

An extravagantly sized circle of bright burnt orange sits tauntingly on the horizon, as mesmerizing as the big wide open eyes of a young child.

It is just a moment.  A moment enough to fix the image in my mind.  A moment enough to create simultaneous longing and awe and draw out a desire to share.

The setting sun becomes a backdrop to the silhouette of one of nature’s perfectly formed trees.  I glance fleetingly at my camera which sits within reach and yet out of bounds.  For what good is the image unless shared?  And the moment is gone.

The glorious sight disappears behind the urban landscape that is taking over the foreground as I drive along the motorway.  And then, as I already mourn its loss, it reappears in perfect view for another brief taunt, before slipping swiftly under the horizon leaving only its leakage to flood the sky with oranges, yellows and reds.

I arrive.  A cosmic shift.

The dining table offers no invitation and yet presents an eclectic feast for my eyes.

An incongruously  placed football takes centre piece. It’s large red sphere referencing me back to the setting sun.  Files with the latest hospital appointments; evidence of this week’s campaign against the powerful; medications; tools of measurement; tea and an empty milk bottle all surround the ball.  An open laptop awaits my attention.

The leakage in this table display is toast crumbs.  When all else is cleared away, the toast crumbs will remain.

Make of this what you will – there is much in it for me.

Capture those precious moments and savour them, for the special carries us through the mundane.


Author: HelenSaying

Dipped a toe in social media - now learning to swim. Otherwise engaged in mid life career change, but this is no crisis. Views all my own and of the moment.

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